The 5 Best Security Applications for Windows 10

The Internet is somewhat like the Wild West. It’s highly unmoderated and there are bandits at every turn, trying to steal anything from your bank details to those NSFW pictures that you accidentally sent to the cloud. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, they also lurk in the real world, and they want your laptop, they want your phone, and if they could, they’d also take your clothes. Thankfully, there are good people out there who have created some very smart Windows 10 applications to help defend against unwanted security attacks.


The need to protect your photos was famously highlighted in August 2014 when a huge group of celebrities had their phones ‘hacked’ and images of their rude parts spread across the Internet faster than Kim Kardashian’s attempt at ‘breaking the Internet’ with pictures of her giant behind. SafePics works by encrypting your pictures with a 4-digit password. You can also set up throwaway passwords that your friends can use to view selected photos (i.e. not your hidden ones). SafePics also gives you the option to safely back up your encrypted pictures to OneDrive.

Motion Capture

There have been numerous instances in the news of people having their stolen items returned thanks to applications like Motion Capture. It works by taking snapshots at timed intervals when motion is detected near your connected camera device. It then sends each photo to a folder of your choice. You can adjust the sensitivity levels and picture timing to your choosing and even link your outgoing folder to your cloud folder, making it easier to access the pictures on all your chosen devices.

Bitdefender Insight

If you consider yourself more ‘tech savvy’ than the average user, or even if you just want to learn more about Internet security, you need Bitdefender Insight. It allows you to stay in the loop on the latest technological innovations, the latest security threats and new products. You can also use it in conjunction with their antivirus applications, giving you real-time security updates that you can fix from your browser.

360 Total Security

360 Total Security is a very versatile application that can be used alongside other notable applications like Bitdefender, Avira and various cloud storage software. It also allows you to clean unwanted files from your computer and gives you real-time information on your computer’s protection status, disk usage and possible incoming threats. It also comes stacked with extras, such as its very own antivirus, disk compression and sandbox features.


By now, most people who have an active online presence will have accumulated a large number of passwords for websites and it can be a tedious task having to remember them (especially if you haven’t visited a certain site in a long time and have forgotten your password). LastPass has eradicated that problem by allowing you to assign one master password for all of your online accounts. LastPass’s popularity speaks for itself with over 7 million active users and it is one of Windows’ leading applications in the security department.

While it’s impossible to 100% guarantee your online safety, using these applications will decrease your chances of falling prey to potential attacks. That added barrier of security will leave you with less time to worry and more time to enjoy your online experience.

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