Still Avoiding Migrating to the Cloud? Recent Statistics Might Convince You

Data compliance regulations. Software license agreements. Existing service management. These are just some of the reasons (excuses) business owners give for why they haven’t made the move to cloud computing. The reasons are varied, but the underlying truth is the same: They’re afraid to make the move and worry that the transition will be too hard on their company.

If you are one of those business owners still clinging to technological systems in decline, it’s time to let the facts speak for themselves. Review the following recent cloud sector statistics; your business’ future could hang in the balance.

According to Gartner Research, up to 1 trillion dollars will have been spent by companies moving their IT systems to the cloud. This includes everything from data center systems to business software.

With everything from Software as a Service (SaaS) to Platforms as a Service (PaaS) now available, companies still clinging to the old ways of managing IT will be outdistanced by more nimble competitors. The concept of “move or get run over” applies if your business is still maintaining in-house servers and using antiquated software packages.

The global cloud computing/hosting industry expected to grow from $80.5 billion dollars (US) in 2016 to over $128 billion (US) by 2019.

As the above statistic indicates, there is going to be massive growth in the cloud technology sector over the coming years. There has never been a better time to transition your company to cloud-based technology. With everything from cloud data analytics to cloud-powered IoT smart devices at your disposal, why would you cling to technological ways of the past? By making the move now, you open your business up to the myriad technological innovations that will happen in the next few years. Platforms, infrastructures, and security opportunities will all evolve; by getting your business ready now, you can quickly integrate new technologies into your company as they happen.

Soliant research found that 94% of business managers surveyed felt that their business’ security had improved since making the move to the cloud. The same research found that 75% of businesses surveyed felt their service availability was better with 52% indicating an increase in data performance.

The benefits of integrating cloud technology into your business far outweigh the risk factors. While some business owners are apprehensive over security concerns or integration hurdles, the fact is those concerns are largely unwarranted. Maintaining in-house IT hardware/software is a riskier proposition than opting for cloud technology. Server failures, hardware malfunctions, and outdated software are just a few of the risks that can be mitigated by adopting a cloud-first strategy.

If the above statistics haven’t convinced you, it’s time to take a long, hard look at why you’re still holding on to ways of the past. Chances are your hesitance is more an internal struggle than a technological aversion. Developing a strong cloud strategy for your company is a no-brainer; letting go of your hesitations might open up your business to unlimited growth opportunities.

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