ServiceFirst™ Remote Management Services For Microsoft — Get An Inside Look

Yesterday, SingleHop and Server Intellect introduced a new managed services offering to help companies achieve more efficiency, security and control for their Microsoft Azure environments. The services are a natural extension of Server Intellect’s rich expertise in Microsoft-based private cloud and managed hosting and squarely target the growing adoption of Azure as a critical component of many companies’ IT strategies.

I’m excited about this launch. Really! And I’ll tell you why.

Our approach solves real-world problems for companies in a new and, yes—better—way.  We bring automation to the table in a way that improves response and resolution, results in better implementations and reduces human error. We go well beyond supporting Azure to address issues at the OS level – something that Microsoft Azure’s support team doesn’t do – and we also provide support for SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint and IIS.  This solution leverages the magnitude of experience Server Intellect has gained in its eleven-year partnership with Microsoft, focusing exclusively on solving challenges for customers within the Microsoft ecosystem.

So, today I’d like to share with you five reasons you should take a look at ServiceFirst™ Remote Management Services for Microsoft.

  1. It’s Instant

Our ServiceFirst offering is delivered instantly. Simply sign up online and within a minute or two you’ll receive the ServiceFirst level of support. Whether it’s a new deployment or an existing one – if you are having trouble with any aspect of the deployment from design to configuring the OS itself, ServiceFirst Remote Management Services for Microsoft can troubleshoot your issue and get you on your way in minutes.

  1. Worry-free Migrations

If you are thinking about making the move to Azure, then you’ll also likely have to deal with the implication of a migration. Migrations can present considerable challenges, particularly if you are moving from an old OS such as Windows 2003 where some software may not be supported. With ServiceFirst you will gain access to a staff of certified Windows technicians with a great deal of experience in migration who will be with you every step of the way to make the transition as smooth as possible.

  1. Azure is Growing

The ability to tap into the strength of a growing public cloud is key in today’s market. It’s  estimated that Azure is growing twice as fast as AWS, and with that comes an ever-growing number of new features and benefits you can tap into for your business.

  1. We are Experts

The ServiceFirst team is comprised of certified Microsoft experts ready to assist you with even the most complex problems. Is your .NET web application crashing? We can help you! Having trouble with Exchange database availability groups? We can help you! Experiencing deadlock in your database and need help tracking them down? We can help you! Whatever the issue you are having, ServiceFirst means we are ready and able to provide you with real solutions from our best-in-class support team.

  1. Hybrid Solutions are Essential

In today’s market, you should be matching the cloud platform to the workload. This is why the Hybrid cloud is expected to grow at 27.3% CAGR going from $25.28 billion in 2014 to $84.67 billion in 2019. By offering a hybrid solution, we allow customers to maximize the effectiveness of both public and private environments. We bring all our expertise in private cloud in line with deep experience in management of operating systems. We are able to support customers on anything from bare metal to private cloud to public cloud — all on the same platform and all with the same high level of service.

In conclusion, whether you are using Azure now or thinking about using it in the future, our ServiceFirst™ Remote Management Services for Microsoft is the solution you need to get it up and running and then keep it running smoothly.

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