Coding in the Cloud – Powerful In-Development Cloud Tools Every Programmer Should Know About

Cloud deployment tools. On-demand micro-services. Security scanning for Amazon Cloud Services (AWS). Staying up-to-date on all the cloud #devops tools is like playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. Just when you think you have a handle on all the cool tools at your disposal, another proliferation of cloud resources launch and you’re head-down into research mode again. If you’re a developer hoping to be the first to test new cloud technology tools, monitoring in-development startups is a great way to go. Review the following roundup of powerful beta cloud resources to see which ones you’ll be signing up for:

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Four Ways the Azure Content Delivery Network Can Speed Up Your Website

The Azure Content Delivery Network (Azure CDN) is a type of cloud computing host that can greatly boost the speed of your website. Speed increases also improve usability for site users, who are more likely to stay on your pages rather than bounce due to slow response rates. For this reason, the Azure CDN is perfect for businesses that rely on multimedia and high quality images for traffic and visitor interaction, as these files require a higher amount of bandwidth than regular text pages.

Here’s how Azure CDN is able to achieve these speeds and keep your website online:

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Will Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm Change Your Page Ranking?

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and the Internet was new, people used search engines in an entirely different way from what they do now. Then, users had to learn Google Speak in order to figure out the proper keywords to type in and get the result they wanted. This divided the World Wide Web into two classes of people – those who were savvy enough to figure out the right words to use and those who were not.

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The 5 Best Security Applications for Windows 10

The Internet is somewhat like the Wild West. It’s highly unmoderated and there are bandits at every turn, trying to steal anything from your bank details to those NSFW pictures that you accidentally sent to the cloud. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, they also lurk in the real world, and they want your laptop, they want your phone, and if they could, they’d also take your clothes. Thankfully, there are good people out there who have created some very smart Windows 10 applications to help defend against unwanted security attacks.

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Love Facebook but Find it Annoying? How to Overcome Those Facebook Annoyances

Many of us, it seems, have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. We love the social media site for its ability to connect us with old friends and keep up with events in our community. At the same time, we hate the little annoyances the site seems intent on foisting on its user community.

If you love the usefulness of Facebook but hate the little things it does to annoy you, fear not. There are a few simple tweaks you can make to your Facebook settings to make the site more useful and less frustrating, starting with the ones outlined below.

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Windows 10 Tips: How to Set Up the Start Screen and Desktop

The Windows 10 Start menu was a reintroduction of the traditional start menu not seen by consumers since Windows 7. The Start button is in the bottom left corner of the Desktop. In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the Start menu, which was intended to be easily scalable to a smartphone screen, but it was deeply unpopular with computer users. To try to please everyone, Windows 10 has both the Start menu and the Start screen, with the Desktop and Start menu as the default display. You can switch between the two, but you have to set up the Start screen first.

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Is Public Cloud Right For Your Business?

The public cloud has forever changed the way companies approach IT strategy. Because it can significantly reduce capital expenditures, enhance sharing and collaboration, and provide the ideal launch pad for new applications, nearly 9 in 10 enterprises now use public cloud services. Moving to the cloud, however, is not as simple as signing up and setting up.

Before you consider going public, download an evaluation checklist over at the Server Intellect site and consider these questions.

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Internet Technology: The Cloud for Beginners

These days technology is on a fast track, especially the Internet. In the blink of an eye, everything changes and it’s often hard for the average person to keep up. New terms appear out of the blue, creating confusion and possibly stress for Internet users. The cloud is one such term, nebulous and unnerving to the uninformed. What is this “cloud” and why should someone use it?

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How to Perform a Quick Performance Check on Your Windows Server

Unless you have a third-party tool installed on your Windows server, you won’t have any clue it’s about to crash until it does. This isn’t so devastating when you have several servers in a web farm. The crashed server leaves the rotation, and the others take up the slack. However, if you only have one or two servers handling client requests, it only takes one server crash to stop productivity. Before your server crashes, here is how you can perform a quick performance check in Windows.

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ServiceFirst™ Remote Management Services For Microsoft — Get An Inside Look

Yesterday, SingleHop and Server Intellect introduced a new managed services offering to help companies achieve more efficiency, security and control for their Microsoft Azure environments. The services are a natural extension of Server Intellect’s rich expertise in Microsoft-based private cloud and managed hosting and squarely target the growing adoption of Azure as a critical component of many companies’ IT strategies.

I’m excited about this launch. Really! And I’ll tell you why.

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