Never Too Small – Why Every Business Needs Security Monitoring

Some business owners think that security monitoring is only for larger firms, or that they cannot afford a security monitoring solution. Both of these beliefs are untrue, and even the smallest businesses need to have some type of security monitoring in place.

No matter how small your business, your firm faces a number of threats, and the best way to protect yourself and your property is to take a proactive stance. Sometimes these threats come from the inside – in the form of disgruntled employees, careless workers or employee theft. In other times the threats are external in nature — hackers entering your network through insecure software and ransomware holding your proprietary files hostage. No matter what the nature of the threat or where it comes from, proactive security monitoring is the best way to protect yourself and your business.

This security monitoring can take, and should take, a number of different forms. No matter how small your company or how short its history, you need to protect your computer network from intrusion and make sure your files are protected. Whether you use a combination of off-the-shelf antivirus software and firewalls or hire a professional monitoring company, you need a plan in place to keep your data safe.

Protecting your computer network is important, but it is just as important to safeguard the physical infrastructure of your building. Whether you install a network of security cameras to keep watch over your business after hours or hire a security firm to provide fast emergency response, protecting the physical integrity of your business, preventing break-ins and responding to intruders is a critical part of keeping your company safe.

In the end, safeguarding your business and preventing the loss of misuse of your proprietary data is one of your most essential duties as a business owner. Whether your business is less than a year old or has been in operation for decades, it is up to you to protect what you have built and worked so hard to achieve.

Taking a combination approach to the security of your business is one of the smartest strategies. A good business security strategy encompasses everything from preventing network intrusions to safeguarding the building from after-hour break-ins. No matter what the size of your business, your firm is never too small to benefit from a smart security monitoring solution.

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