Love Facebook but Find it Annoying? How to Overcome Those Facebook Annoyances

Many of us, it seems, have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. We love the social media site for its ability to connect us with old friends and keep up with events in our community. At the same time, we hate the little annoyances the site seems intent on foisting on its user community.

If you love the usefulness of Facebook but hate the little things it does to annoy you, fear not. There are a few simple tweaks you can make to your Facebook settings to make the site more useful and less frustrating, starting with the ones outlined below.

Stop Automatic Playback

If you are one of the many people who love to surf the web and check Facebook while watching TV or eating dinner, you have probably found the automatic video playback feature pretty annoying. You log on to your Facebook feed and hear the sultry tones of the latest embedded video. At the very least, that automatic playback can interfere with normal conversation or television viewing. In other cases the videos embedded in your Facebook stream could be embarrassing, especially if you are breaking the rules and surfing the web at work.

Fortunately for employees and web surfers everywhere, the automatic playback feature is easy to turn off. Just go to your Facebook profile, click the down arrow on the upper-right corner and choose Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the left-hand column, click the Videos link, find Auto-Play Videos and set it to off. This simple change will mean no more ill-timed interruptions and no more embarrassment.

Block Those Annoying Newsfeed Posts

You may have hundreds of Facebook friends, each with their own sense of humor and ideas about propriety and sharing. Over time, you may have noticed that some of the items in your Facebook feed are inappropriate or even offensive, and you may have noticed that many of those posts are coming from the same handful of sources.

Luckily, Facebook gives you a way to stop those annoying posts from entering your news feed. You do not have to give up Facebook friends with questionable taste, but you can keep them out of your feed. Just go to your Facebook settings, click the down arrow and choose Unfollow.

Stop Those Annoying Application Notifications

Facebook is famous for its games, and chances are you have plenty of those game apps on your phone, tablet and other Facebook-enabled devices. Those apps love to let you know they are there, and they do so with an endless stream of notifications.

If you find those endless app notifications annoying, you are not alone. Unwanted notifications are a prime source of customer complaints, but they are easy to turn off.

Just go to your Facebook profile, click the down arrow and choose Settings. Go to the left column and find the Apps section. From there you can choose each app and edit its settings to turn off the unwanted notifications.

Facebook is a valuable social network, and a favorite with web users everywhere. Tweaking your settings can make the site even more useful and allow you to enjoy it without sacrificing your productivity or interrupting your day.

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