Four Ways the Azure Content Delivery Network Can Speed Up Your Website

The Azure Content Delivery Network (Azure CDN) is a type of cloud computing host that can greatly boost the speed of your website. Speed increases also improve usability for site users, who are more likely to stay on your pages rather than bounce due to slow response rates. For this reason, the Azure CDN is perfect for businesses that rely on multimedia and high quality images for traffic and visitor interaction, as these files require a higher amount of bandwidth than regular text pages.

Here’s how Azure CDN is able to achieve these speeds and keep your website online:

1. Data Centers in Multiple Geographic Locations

Azure CDN data centers are placed all over the globe, so when your users access pages, they’re rendered from the closest data center. Data centers identify your users’ IP addresses, so your users are guaranteed the closest location from their current IP. Although data is transferred at lightning speeds, being closer to a data center makes a site much faster than if it’s served from a server on the other side of the world.

2. Better Defenses Against DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are floods of web requests sent to your server. The flood comes from a number of computers on the Internet, so it’s hard to defend against a large DDoS attack. One way to defend against these kinds of attacks, however, is to increase your network resources. The Azure CDN has several times the resources of a standard web host. The increase in network resources protects your website from smaller DDoS attacks.

3. Caching Common Pages

Most websites are made up of dynamic web pages. Every time a dynamic page renders, it must first call the database server, process data, and then display that data on the page. For pages that typically stay the same, however, you can cache these pages in server memory. The result is a faster page for users and search engines. You can even cache parts of your pages. Using the Azure CDN, caching speeds up infrequently changed pages such as contact, product description and category pages.

4. Never Worry About a Site Being Unavailable

With so many data centers and availability, you never need to worry about a site going offline. Azure CDN stores your data across multiple servers, and when one server goes down, another picks up where the other left off. Azure CDN doesn’t rely on one server for any data, so you know your site is always available. This benefit is especially useful for e-commerce sites that require constant availability. If you rely on orders that come through during off-hours, you will need the Azure CDN to keep the site up while your IT team is unavailable.

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