Choosing the Right WordPress Theme

Thanks to the spread of technology, the world has become more connected than ever before.  With that connection comes near-limitless communication — and by extension, the chance to bond with others hundreds of miles away.  The internet and myriad websites, including those made by WordPress, make that bonding process inevitable.  To be fair, that depends on the quality of the platform; while WordPress can make it happen, choosing the right WordPress theme can decide a site’s fate.

Choose the Theme That’s Best for You

The key point that any would-be WordPress user should consider is what the finished site would actually accomplish.  Various themes are available for the platform, but the nature of your content will determine which themes are a good fit.  If the plan is to show off photos or art, then it’s best to choose a theme that accommodates that; likewise, sites geared towards posts and text should use themes that maximize readability.

Fortunately, WordPress offers various features and customization options alongside its themes.  Knowing which ones to apply and which to forgo will be up to each individual user; still, if you plan to make use of WordPress, you should always remember the end goal of the site.  The type and quantity of the content will help you determine which page layout, colors, and functionality will suit the site best — both in the short-term and the long-term, depending on how invested you are in the process.  It’s worth noting that WordPress offers a wealth of options, but one rule should always stay fresh on your mind: keep it simple.  Complexity and clutter will shut you down before you even get started.

Choose the Theme That Maximizes Efficiency

At a base level, WordPress is a simple enough platform to use; while knowing how to tweak HTML or CSS can prove beneficial, you don’t need raw technical skill just to put together a basic site.  With that said, getting the most out of a site means knowing and understanding what options are available — which means that it’s best to have a grasp on what each theme can offer.

It’s important to make sure that the theme you choose is a responsive one.  A responsive theme adjusts a site’s layout to fit mobile devices without issue; not only does it make the site simpler for users on the go, but Google also prioritizes responsive-themed sites in searches.  If you want your site to appear to more people, then choosing the right theme becomes that much more important.

Various other tools and features can make a site worthwhile.  Browser compatibility, plugin support, and search engine optimization are all factors worth considering; each one can vary from one theme to the next.  A number of theme designers will mention the aspects of their creations, so it’s best to choose a theme with the features you want and need beyond simple aesthetics.  Similarly, if you have any questions about the functionality of a theme, then you can do the research needed or, if possible, ask its creator.

Choose the Theme that’s Flexible and Future-Proof

Again, it’s important to pick a WordPress theme that suits your needs, as well as the site’s needs.  Various options exist, including both free and paid-for themes; if you know what you want and what you’re doing, you can pay exactly as much as you aim to.  Even so, you should stay mindful of themes on as many levels as possible.

If for whatever reason you decide to make changes — tweaks to the look of a site, plugin modifications, or even moving the site’s content wholesale — then you could be denied that chance if the theme’s HTML isn’t properly made.  Similarly, WordPress updates could disrupt the site’s functionality.  Staying mindful of a theme’s aspects from the outset could prevent trouble in the long run.

The ultimate lesson here is that choosing the theme of a WordPress site isn’t some arbitrary decision.  Various factors need consideration, and those who fail to realize that end up hamstrung.  Still, you can avoid those pitfalls with ease — as long as you fully explore what WordPress can offer.

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