3 Ways to Connect Your Data Center or Office to Azure

With the growth of popular public cloud options like Microsoft Azure and the off-site movement of services that are typically hosted on premise like Active Directory, establishing a reliable, secure connection to off-premise services has become increasingly important.

There are three primary ways to establish secure connections to Azure. Below, I’ll outline the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each.

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Four Ways the Azure Content Delivery Network Can Speed Up Your Website

The Azure Content Delivery Network (Azure CDN) is a type of cloud computing host that can greatly boost the speed of your website. Speed increases also improve usability for site users, who are more likely to stay on your pages rather than bounce due to slow response rates. For this reason, the Azure CDN is perfect for businesses that rely on multimedia and high quality images for traffic and visitor interaction, as these files require a higher amount of bandwidth than regular text pages.

Here’s how Azure CDN is able to achieve these speeds and keep your website online:

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ServiceFirst™ Remote Management Services For Microsoft — Get An Inside Look

Yesterday, SingleHop and Server Intellect introduced a new managed services offering to help companies achieve more efficiency, security and control for their Microsoft Azure environments. The services are a natural extension of Server Intellect’s rich expertise in Microsoft-based private cloud and managed hosting and squarely target the growing adoption of Azure as a critical component of many companies’ IT strategies.

I’m excited about this launch. Really! And I’ll tell you why.

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