Still Avoiding Migrating to the Cloud? Recent Statistics Might Convince You

Data compliance regulations. Software license agreements. Existing service management. These are just some of the reasons (excuses) business owners give for why they haven’t made the move to cloud computing. The reasons are varied, but the underlying truth is the same: They’re afraid to make the move and worry that the transition will be too hard on their company.

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What Will Docker do for Enterprise Virtualization?

Docker is tackling enterprise virtualization. The company recently released what they are categorizing as a smarter, more sophisticated solution for server and storage virtualization, as well as a subsequent version of the program, simply referred to as Docker 0.8. This version places more emphasis on quality than it does features—the primary focus centered on meeting the requirements of enterprise.

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Three Redundancy Pitfalls to Avoid When Getting Started with AWS

So, you’re thinking about moving your application to the public cloud and leaning toward Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the best fit?

Well, that is no surprise. More and more businesses are looking to leverage the powerful tools developed by our friends in Seattle. As AWS approaches the $100 billion revenue mark this year, the popularity of the platform is unlikely to change anytime soon.   

While on the surface AWS appears easy enough to set up and manage, there are countless deployment decisions one must make to ensure mission-critical apps can withstand a severe outage. The considerations and process for moving to the public cloud should be just as rigorous as any major change to your IT strategy. In lieu of that, here are three common pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

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5 Reasons to Love the Windows 10 Upgrade

The folks at Microsoft have vowed to install the Windows 10 operating system on a billion devices. That is a lofty goal, and it may be one of the reasons the company has been pushing the upgrade to Windows 10 with such fervor.

For months now owners of computers running Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have been seeing an endless string of pop-ups and reminders about the upgrade, and some have even inadvertently installed the new OS as part of the Windows Update process. As Computerworld reported on Monday, Microsoft even switched the update to “Recommended”  —  a move that automatically triggered the download unless users intervened.

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Emerging Cyber Crime Threats Business Owners Must Understand

Hackers and cyber criminals are often pictured as lonely geeks attacking websites simply to prove how smart they are. In reality, they are typically networks of criminals using sophisticated methods for financial gains. Firewalls and antivirus software can prevent many of the more basic forms of cyber attacks, but new forms of the crime are emerging constantly. Unless business owners understand the threats and take action to prevent them, they risk major disruption and huge potential financial losses.

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Top 5 New Features in Microsoft SQL Server 2016

On June 1, 2016 Microsoft SQL Server 2016 will become generally available. This latest edition of Microsoft’s database server delivers end-to-end data management and business analytics and includes mission critical intelligence from even the most demanding of workloads. With each version of SQL Server, Microsoft adds yet another layer to the already-rich feature set.

Here are the top 5 features added to SQL Server 2016:

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Should You Use Windows Services or PowerShell for Infrastructure Automation?

Microsoft includes PowerShell in its desktop and server operating systems. It’s a popular command language for IT departments that need to automate tasks. PowerShell is the old Windows DOS command line on steroids. PowerShell programs are called commandlets, because they are small programs written in a scripting language similar to .NET and DOS. It uses a customized version of the .NET language, and it has some advantages over Windows services. Windows services are still useful, but here are some tips when choosing the right automation tool for your projects.

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5 Phenomenal Chrome Extensions Every Blogger Needs to Discover

Being an efficient blogger means not only growing your network via your content but managing your time wisely at the same time. Luckily for today’s savvy wordsmith, there are more tools than ever before to help you maximize your writing time. Chrome users are especially fortunate as developers are launching a myriad of awesome apps and extensions for Google’s browser. Check out the following collection of phenomenal Chrome extensions for bloggers; these add-ons just might be enough to make you switch to Chrome if you haven’t already.

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