5 Phenomenal Chrome Extensions Every Blogger Needs to Discover

Being an efficient blogger means not only growing your network via your content but managing your time wisely at the same time. Luckily for today’s savvy wordsmith, there are more tools than ever before to help you maximize your writing time. Chrome users are especially fortunate as developers are launching a myriad of awesome apps and extensions for Google’s browser. Check out the following collection of phenomenal Chrome extensions for bloggers; these add-ons just might be enough to make you switch to Chrome if you haven’t already.


Once you discover the Headlinr Chrome extension, you will wonder how you ever created blog posts without it. This essential blogger’s tool makes it easy to create engaging blog post titles that attract clicks. Add a keyword relevant to your blog post and instantly receive a variety of possible titles for your content. This extension can also be used to create subject lines for email newsletters and social media updates.


The Iframely Chrome extension lets you add responsive embeds to your blog. Embed anything from a YouTube video to an Instagram photograph and know that your embedded item will automatically render perfectly on your mobile responsive website. Never worry about your images looking distorted once you have this handy extension in your blogger’s arsenal.

Awesome Screenshot

Bloggers looking for another terrific image tool should check out the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension. Once you have added it to your browser bar, you can create screenshots to embed in your posts. Customize your screenshots by blurring private information or adding text annotations.

Note Board

Note Board is a must-discover extension for bloggers. This handy tool lets you capture blog post ideas, remember URLs you want to share in a blog post, create screenshots, and even combine multiple notes into one. If you are looking for an extension that can significantly boost your blogging productivity, Note Board is a fabulous find.

Amazon Publisher Studio

The Amazon Publisher Studio extension makes it super simple to add Amazon affiliate links into your blog post content. Simply click on the line of text you want to monetize and an Amazon affiliate ‘make link’ pop-up will appear. No more logging into Amazon to create your own affiliate links. Who knew creating revenue opportunities for your blog was so simple?

Thanks to powerful Chrome extensions like those listed above, it is now easier than ever to stay organized and productive when blogging. Perusing the Chrome store on a regular basis can help you uncover all sorts of handy apps and extensions. Do you think you will be integrating any of these awesome extensions into your blogging routine?

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