The 5 Best Security Applications for Windows 10

The Internet is somewhat like the Wild West. It’s highly unmoderated and there are bandits at every turn, trying to steal anything from your bank details to those NSFW pictures that you accidentally sent to the cloud. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, they also lurk in the real world, and they want your laptop, they want your phone, and if they could, they’d also take your clothes. Thankfully, there are good people out there who have created some very smart Windows 10 applications to help defend against unwanted security attacks.

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Love Facebook but Find it Annoying? How to Overcome Those Facebook Annoyances

Many of us, it seems, have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. We love the social media site for its ability to connect us with old friends and keep up with events in our community. At the same time, we hate the little annoyances the site seems intent on foisting on its user community.

If you love the usefulness of Facebook but hate the little things it does to annoy you, fear not. There are a few simple tweaks you can make to your Facebook settings to make the site more useful and less frustrating, starting with the ones outlined below.

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